Hello World! We have launched – welcome aboard.

Mike Penfold 17 February 2021 Breaking News

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Well we hope it’s timely for you. We’ve had to dodge around lockdowns and the virus itself, widespread business downturns, ferocious weather and other natural disasters in many parts of the world, US Presidential elections, major upheavals between governments and news aggregators worldwide, along with increasing dominance by the really big players.

But we think the need for this global member-based information service, focusing on digital transformation, has never been greater. We hope you agree and we strongly encourage you to participate fully through your ideas and in Forums.

Of course we’re all competitive and seek to gain advantage for our businesses through doing things better. But many of the greatest success stories come from those who’ve been prepared to share and collaborate, enabling a better result through collectivism – both within and across national borders.

Let’s help each other succeed wherever possible! My best wishes to everyone – I look forward to hearing of your successes. Mike.