Chinese trials for flying car commence

Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer Xpeng revealed a new flying car during the company’s recent Tech Day, one that can navigate the air and also drive on standard roads. The HT Aero flying car will feature a lightweight design and a rotor that folds away. The rotor will be the main component that allows for flight, while additional safety features, including parachutes, will also be included.

Xpeng is estimating a 2024 rollout. There’s a lot riding on the vehicle’s final design with Xpeng raising $500 million USD in the last week from outside investors. Of course, there are many external factors that must be considered in rolling out a flying car, including safety issues.

But, at last, flying cars look to be just around the corner. What will that mean in terms of vehicle design? Also, what will that mean in terms of road and air safety? There are a lot of questions that need to be addressed, but it’s an exciting time to be alive. And a great time to start speculating on how you can take advantage of this ‘brave new world’.