Don’t Become TOO Hysterical over AI

Speaking to the BBC, Martha Lane Fox has warned against becoming “too hysterical or hype-driven” over artificial intelligence (AI). She urges more sensible conversations around its capabilities and thinks there should be frameworks in place around AI but that companies should also “think carefully” about how they use it.

She believes that having a rational and reasonable conversation is important and not becoming too hysterical or hype-driven, but looking more carefully at what is actually happening and how we can mitigate the risks and double down on the opportunities.

(summarised courtesy of ChatGPT4)


Martha Lane Fox is a champion for equality and parity across the tech sector – something she says she is disappointed to see unchanged for women since she was breaking into the scene in the 1990s. She says that she is “totally horrified” at the situation, adding that there is a higher percentage of women in the House of Lords, where she is a life peer, than there is working in technology.

In March 2013, Lane Fox became the Lords’ youngest female member at the time, at the age of 40. The appointment saw her gain the title of Baroness Lane Fox of Soho in the City of Westminster. Since then she has served successive governments as a digital adviser, and founded businesses such as karaoke chain Lucky Voice.

Most recently she has become the president of the British Chambers of Commerce.

Up until Elon Musk took over Twitter in October 2022, Lane Fox had been on the board of the platform as a non-executive director.