AI – an Overview (Gamma’s take)

         I met Gamma…….

Despite all the hype, I’ve got to say it’s very impressive. Of course I realise you may be way ahead of me, but just in case you haven’t caught up with it, it’s worth playing with, especially if you regularly produce presentations or visual ideas in your work. Or maybe produce a document or even a web page?

AND it is a precursor to what we might expect from a Copilot – see next article.

Naturally I had to try it out – Gamma insisted that I do!! It asked for a topic. I proposed ‘an Introduction to AI’ and selected a colour scheme (all of that took less then 1 minute). I gave it the go-ahead and in less than 2 minutes it produced an 8-slide colour presentation complete with graphics. Wow!!

Of course, it can be edited to suit – but it’s in a perfect state to use straight away from PPT.