Windows 11 September 26 2023 update: What you need to know

Windows 11 September 2023 release date and update technology: The next major version of Windows 11 was released on September 26, 2023. It will apply like a monthly security update, meaning the download and install process will only take a few minutes.

The most significant feature for most ‘ordinary’ users is:

Windows Copilot: A new AI assistant that can help users with changing settings, launching apps, summarising documents, and more. It replaces Cortana and exists as a button on the Taskbar that opens a sidebar with a chat box.

Other features are:

  • File Explorer update: A redesigned File Explorer app with tabs, a browser-like header UI, a modern folder view, and a new Gallery feature for viewing photos.
  • Cloud backup tool: A new feature that allows users to back up settings, files, and apps to OneDrive and restore them when setting up a new PC.
  • Taskbar ungrouping and labels: A classic Taskbar feature that lets users show labels on pinned and running apps and ungroup them by app type.
  • Volume mixer in quick settings: A new option to adjust audio levels from individual apps playing sound from the quick settings panel.
  • Native 7zip and RAR support: A new functionality that enables Windows to handle 7zip and RAR files without third-party tools.
  • Dynamic Lighting: A new feature that allows users to customize RGB settings on peripherals and accessories from the Settings app.
  • Paint dark mode: A new dark mode for the Paint app that matches the rest of Windows 11.
  • Widgets Board customization: A new layout option that lets users disable the MSN feed in the Widgets Board or separate it from the widgets.
  • Dev Home and Dev Drive: New features for developers that make setting up a new dev machine easier and offer more performance for projects with many files.