Best CRM Software for Australian Small Businesses

Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM)s are a virtually indispensable tool of business these days. 

Which probably explains why there is such a huge choice available (around 26 at our last count). So how do you choose which one is best for your business??

But first, why? What’s the big deal? Well, attracting, servicing and retaining customers is just so important in these days of ultra competition. And with refined methods of personalisation available, customers have become accustomed to being treated as special – at every point of contact. It’s especially true for the B2C environment, but is becoming increasingly so, also, for B2B where, after all, you still have contact with people!

The attached survey gives a good guide to those available along with its own assessment of the relative merits of each of them. However, it doesn’t mention packaging! That is, do any of them come packaged with other useful business tools such as web design or membership management?

In our own experience at Shifting Sands Digital, packaging is a key differentiator as it takes away the need to do a thorough evaluation of all choices – moreover it is expected that most of the important tools you need have been tested to work together (by someone else!). That is true in our case where we experimented with 2 or 3 of them but settled on Active Campaign for this very reason. It works well for our purposes, although we are not using it in a super-sophisticated way using all of the marketing automation tools available, for instance.

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