About Us

Our Story – who we are, why us?

 Firstly, why shifting sands?? What’s that all about? Well as you can see in much of the imagery used in this website, sand is to be found almost anywhere in the world. Lots of it! Often forming dunes, often found in deserts.

With many different colours, it is ALWAYS on the move – shifting and changing the landscape, sometimes imperceptibly, sometimes very rapidly, but always evident and inevitable.

It seemed like a good idea to compare a natural global force with what we are all experiencing, everywhere, with the inexorable and rapid growth of digital inventions, processes and applications which are transforming the world we live in and the businesses we operate.

But, as this picture shows, it’s only the brave few prepared to take on the challenge of being out front and leading it! They will be the winners.

What’s in it for you?

Does this sound like you?

You’re running a successful small or medium enterprise and always seeking ways to keep ahead of the game
maybe you’re just starting out on your own, keen to start your business from scratch and really make a difference
maybe you’re helping your parents or friends run their businesses, now that you’ve graduated from University and have a million new ideas to implement.

In all cases you’re likely to be:

  • • interested in Digital Transformation as a concept, but don’t fully understand what all the fuss is about? Maybe even frightened a little.
  • • keen to keep up to date but not sure which ideas to use, when/how/what order??
  • determined to stay ahead of your competitors but not sure how to choose which digital tools, let alone how to implement them?
  • • keen to seize the moment and make significant changes to a business process
  • eager to explore opportunities created by this wave of change OR respond to potential threats to the world you have created, indeed your very livelihood
  • • rather overwhelmed by the vast array of information, including sales pitches, available freely on-line
  • • feeling confused after a discussion with technical or slick salespeople and feel that they’re the ones in control, rather than you?

If this really is you, then you’ve come to the right place!

You see, our aim is to demystify the technology (such as Artificial Intelligence – AI – in its many different forms) from a business perspective. And:
  • • help and encourage you to explore new opportunities created
  • • consider potential threats and respond effectively
  • • build your confidence to make the right changes
  • • stimulate your imagination to do things differently – differentiate yourself and gain competitive advantage. After all, it has been said “if you can imagine it, you can create it”.

When you’re very busy, maybe overwhelmed, these strategic and critical activities are often overlooked. 

But they’re key to your success!

But if you are REALLY SERIOUS, then join as a FULL MEMBER and access the complete and growing repository of information, ideas and case studies. You can also join a forum to share your thoughts, concerns and experiences.