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Why Using a Polite Tone with AI Matters

No, technology can’t get offended. But basic etiquette still goes a long way, says this Copilot designer.

Freshippo Opens a Store a Day in September Expansion Frenzy

High-tech supermarket chain Freshippo is unveiling 30 stores across China in September, averaging one opening a day.

Microsoft’s Copilot AI Coming to Windows on September 26

Copilot lands on Windows 11 as part of an operating system update rolling out on September 26. It will arrive on Bing, Edge, and Microsoft 365 Copilot in the fall.

Co-pilots are all the rage

Salesforce and Google Workspace want to take your productivity to a whole new level while Microsoft Copilot technology will change how we work.

Google’s revamped read-aloud feature

As Microsoft continues to enhance its user experience with new features, Google is playing catch-up …

Microsoft quietly reveals Windows 11’s next big update

Microsoft is now making the final preparations to deploy the 23H2 update – with a revelation apparently imminent.

AI – an Overview (Gamma’s take)

I met Gamma, then everything changed…

Despite all the hype, I’ve got to say it’s very impressive.  

Will AI Replace Cardiologists and Turn Them Into Managers?

Ute Eppinger September 07, 2023.  Published in Medscape, translated from the Medscape German Edition. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Summary …

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