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The Amazing Ways IKEA Is Using Generative AI

IKEA is unleashing the power of generative AI to give customers even more power when it comes to designing their ideal homes.

Microsoft’s Global AI Tour

Chart the course of the next technological era at one of our exclusive, one-day events. Fully harness the potential of AI by connecting with thought leaders, attending expert-led technical sessions, ...

For Microsoft and OpenAI, After a Year In The ‘Hype Cycle,’ The Copilot Corporate Spending Boom is Just Getting Started

If 2023 was the year of generative AI hype, 2024 will be the year during which most corporations will get serious about spending on the technology to bring artificial intelligence ...

The Shape of the New AI-Augmented Workplace to Come

Summary: This article from Forbes discusses how artificial intelligence (AI) will affect the workforce in ...

The Top 5 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Trends For 2024

AI is seamlessly weaving into the fabric of our daily lives, propelling industries into the future and even prompting regulatory shifts.

AI Meets Culture: Harmony or a Work in Progress? (key points)

Imagine a world where artificial intelligence (AI) not only computes data but also navigates the complex tapestry of human cultures.

Darling Downs Health using drones to speed up patient treatment times in rural Queensland

The Darling Downs Hospital and Health Service (DDHHS) in southern Queensland is trialling a high-tech drone to transport blood tests between rural hospitals and larger facilities to speed up testing ...

How AI Could Revolutionise Drug Discovery

Artificial intelligence could help scientists develop better medicines faster. But for that to happen, companies will need to change the way they work.

Smartphone Photography is Changing How we See the World

Smartphones are a staple of modern life and are changing how we see the world and show it to others.

Study Finds ChatGPT Gives Better Advice than Professional Columnists

There’s no doubt ChatGPT has proven to be valuable as a source of quality technical information. But can it also provide social advice?

Robot dogs have unnerved and angered the public. So why is this artist teaching them to paint?

From next week, three Spots named Basia, Vanya and Bunny will begin a four month residency at the NGV’s Triennial in Melbourne, where they will be creating art in their ...