Category: 16. Quantum Computing

Europe Has Lost the AI Race. It Can’t Ignore the Quantum Computing One

Quantum computing's physics-oriented behaviour allows it to be infinitely scalable, which is why Europe has to master this mysterious tech if it wants to avoid ...

‘Commercially Relevant’ Quantum Computer in Five Years

Diraq is on track toward building a quantum computer in Australia capable solving commercially relevant problems inside five years.

1. The Atomic Revolution – Boyer Lectures 2023

The tantalising idea, of an unbelievably fast computer whose components work at the level of quantum mechanics, is one of those frontiers that always seems ...

2. The Quantum Promise – Boyer Lectures 2023

In the next 30 minutes, Professor Michelle Simmons will explore how a quantum computer works, how we might go about building one, and what sort ...

3. Imagination and Mindset – Boyer Lectures 2023

In her third lecture, Professor Michelle Simmons maps how science has changed from 1927 to now — moving from the theoretical to the applicable.

10 Quantum Computing Applications

Far from commercially scalable — but more than mere fantasy — quantum computing will one day be a transformative reality.

What is Quantum Computing?

Quantum computing is a new approach to calculation that uses principles of fundamental physics to solve extremely complex problems very quickly.