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Transformation in Dealmaking

Unlocking the Power of DIGITAL Due Diligence with Intralinks.

For Microsoft and OpenAI, After a Year In The ‘Hype Cycle,’ The Copilot Corporate Spending Boom is Just Getting Started

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Lighthouse Cases for Building Digital Transformations

Real-world examples of Digital and AI transformations and how leading companies succeed

Five Big Shifts Shaping a New World for Corporate & Investment Banks

This report discusses the challenges and opportunities for corporate and investment banks (CIBs) in a changing world.

We Shape AI, AI Shapes Us

This article explains the difference between everyday AI and game-changing AI, and how they can impact productivity, creativity and business models.

In digital and AI transformations, start with the problem, not the technology

For digital and AI transformations to succeed, companies need to firstly understand the problems they want to solve, then rewire their organisations for continuous innovation.

Ten timeless tests can help you kick the tyres on your strategy and kick up the level of strategic dialogue throughout your company.