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How Artificial Intelligence Can Power Clinical Development

Artificial intelligence is accelerating drug discovery. If clinical development fails to keep pace, the benefits to patients will be delayed.

Why AI-enabled Customer Service is Key to Scaling Telco Personalisation

Telcos increasingly rely on customized commercial marketing. But integrating those efforts with service-related outreach into a comprehensive next-best-experience engine is critical for growth.

A New AI-Generated Map of the World’s Trees and Renewable Energy Projects Could Help Fight Climate Change

A first-of-its-kind map of renewable energy projects and tree coverage around the world launched today, and it uses generative AI to essentially sharpen images taken ...

Mimicking the Brain with AI

At every moment of every day, our brains meticulously sculpt a wealth of sensory signals into meaningful representations of the world around us. Yet how ...

Microsoft Introduces New Data and AI Solutions to Help Healthcare

It enables such organisations to unlock insights and improve patient and clinician experiences.

The Promise of Travel in the Age of AI

What will define the next age of travel? Digital technology and artificial intelligence are empowering the industry to reimagine the travel experience and unlock long-term ...

The Promise of Travel in the Age of AI (Full Report)

This 32-page report was released by McKinsey & Co. in September 2023. and researched the opinions of many participants in the travel business.

More money & effort is being applied to AI than anything else by marketers worldwide?

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ChatGPT Just Got Eyes, Ears & Internet Access

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CEO’s Guide to the Generative AI Revolution

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