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We’ll help you increase your understanding about all aspects of the digital world, focusing on implications for your business

Be Empowered

We'll give you the confidence needed to have worthwhile conversations with experts who will be necessary to ensure your success. AND if you like, we'll point you in the direction of others who can help
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Be Confident

We'll guide you in your decision-making process. We’ll give you a step-by-step method for making those decisions.

Take Action

We can help you decide on the 3 priorities to work on straight away & show you specific methods to plan, implement & monitor them.

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There is also a community forum where you can ask questions, share your ideas and contribute to the thinking and experiences of all members.

Take Action

Now that you've gained the knowledge, it's time to go out and implement what you've learnt within your own business. Possibly with the help of skilled implementers (your choice).

But you should feel confident that, if you need help, you can engage it from a position of strength, knowledge and preparation. After all it's YOUR business and YOUR success that's at stake.

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Our Story – who we are, why us?

Shifting Sands Digital was founded by Mike Penfold with a little help from like-minded friends.

But firstly, about me. I’m a mature gent with grandchildren and lots of spunk (you don’t have to be a teenager to understand this….)

And I’m a person with a life-long interest in the digital world (no, it didn’t start with Facebook 15 years ago – in fact I wrote my first apps in 1965 (programs we called them) – and a dedication to life- long learning.

Also, I’m:

• A marketer by education  (Master of Marketing) and Profession (Fellow of Australian Marketing Institute, Certified Practising Marketer (AMI).

• An accomplished corporate executive (both IT and Marketing) in the aviation industry – Qantas and British Airways. As Marketing Director, among other things, I was responsible for sales of IT products and services globally.

•A small business owner – cattle stud, boutique hotel, management consultancy.

• An Educator –Lecturer at several University-level Institutions – MBA students as well as post-graduate (Masters level) and under-graduate students. Also the  vocational education system with an Accredited Certificate in Teaching & Education. I teach Digital Marketing subjects as well as many others.

• A business coach for those who need real help in harnessing and understanding the power of today’s digital technologies.

• A mentor to emerging marketers just completing their University studies and  entering the workforce.

• A good empathetic communicator – talks YOUR language, what’s good for business, no techie/nerdy stuff!

  • Other bios will appear from time to time.

14 Day FREE Guarantee

What we do is to provide an unbiased information service to our members. You can become a member of absolutely free for the first 2 weeks so that you can judge if this service is beneficial for you – absolutely no obligation to remain.

We guarantee you will come to understand the key attributes of the digital world, probably in a way you haven’t known before, because we will focus on real business benefits. But we also guarantee that you will want to adapt selected ideas you will have seen to great effect, in your own business, without any sales pressure at all (we’re not selling anything!)

Frequently Asked Questions

So, you have questions? Let us try to answer those for you...

We GUIDE you through the constantly shifting landscape of digital transformation. Wherever possible we will suggest how you might take action for yourself or when to engage experts to do that for you. Because you know your business best, we think YOU are the best people to drive yourself forward once you have the knowledge and confidence to do so.

We produce a weekly long-form feature article (usually a video) on a specific and current category of Digital Transformation to consider for your business.  In addition several other categories of content are updated regularly, usually several times per week.

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If you're ready to take your marketing knowledge to the next level by enrolling in the Shifting Sands Digital Academy, simply click the Join Today button.

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This begins after the FREE 2 WEEK TRIAL