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Generative AI: To Create Real Value, Organizations Must Adapt

It’s the organizational question that has been top of mind for executives for nearly a year now: How do I change my operating model to quickly generate value and results from generative AI?

The Last Stand of the Call-Centre Worker

AI is poised to eliminate customer-service agents. We’ll miss them when they’re gone.

The 10 Most In-Demand Skills In 2024

The critical question you should be asking: if you're a jobseeker or an employer looking to ensure success in 2024, what are the skills you should be developing?

Digital Transformation (DT): Does it Still Have any Meaning in 2024?

A buzzword in business for more than a decade, the proliferation of new technology, from AI to data-driven decision-making, means it is still critical to strategy.

Navigating the AI revolution: key trends to watch in 2024

Artificial intelligence dominated headlines in 2023 – and next year will be no different. Here are the business trends to watch out for.

Robot Revenue Generators: How AI Can Help Sales Teams Become More Effective

Salespeople spend too much time on low-value tasks. AI-driven automation tools could help get them back to what they do best – making a meaningful connection with buyers.

Working from Home Still Point of Disagreement Between Staff and CEOs, but New Legislation Clarifies Rules

A disagreement has been brewing in Australian workplaces.

Retail Re-Imagined: The New Era for Customer Experience – key points

Retailers will need to deliver superior customer experience, both online and in-store, and leverage innovative technologies as well as loyalty programs to drive growth and recovery.

The Future of Shopping – key points

Here’s What Retail Will Look Like in 2030

Empty Spaces & Hybrid Places – key points

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people work, live, and shop in “superstar” cities. It has affected the demand and value of office, residential, and retail space in those ...

New Year, New Models: AI Predictions for 2024

Experts from the CSIRO's National AI Centre (NAIC) share their predictions for the future of artificial intelligence in 2024.