Europe Has Lost the AI Race. It Can’t Ignore the Quantum Computing One

By Koen Bertels Published on 23/11/2023 Euroviews. 

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not represent in any way the editorial position of Euronews.

Quantum computing’s physics-oriented behaviour allows it to be infinitely scalable, which is why Europe has to master this mysterious tech if it wants to avoid a brewing dystopia, Koen Bertels writes



Europe has become known as a second-place destination for business, and more recently, innovation. 

Disruptive technologies like AI have hailed from the United States for decades with no European challenger in sight. 

However, when a four-week-old French AI startup secured €105 million for its seed round, it demonstrated that Europe isn’t as disadvantaged as people think. While AI is a saturated market, quantum computing can allow Europe to survive in a century ruled by China and the US. 

Quantum computing will be the foundation for developing AI that can have the ability to solve real-world problems. That is why Europe must aggressively discover more user applications and increase quantum talent before its competition does.

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