Big Data – Earth’s New Natural Resource

Big Data can be used to gain insights into customer behaviour, improve business operations, and develop new products and services.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analyses were devised as an aid to creating and maintaining business strategies, but the principles can be adapted to your personal lives and careers ...

Choosing your CRM

Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM)s are a virtually indispensable tool of business these days. Which probably explains why there is such a huge choice available ...

How Artificial Intelligence Can Power Clinical Development

Artificial intelligence is accelerating drug discovery. If clinical development fails to keep pace, the benefits to patients will be delayed.

Digitalisation – its Future in the Energy Industries

Digital transformation in the energy industries is a topic that explores how emerging technologies are changing the way energy is produced, distributed, and consumed.

Is Carbon Removal Critical to Save the Planet, or Just Hot Air?

Despite some misgivings, carbon removal will still form a part of a new carbon trading mechanisms when details are announced at COP28 in the United ...

We Shape AI, AI Shapes Us

This article explains the difference between everyday AI and game-changing AI, and how they can impact productivity, creativity and business models.

In digital and AI transformations, start with the problem, not the technology

For digital and AI transformations to succeed, companies need to firstly understand the problems they want to solve, then rewire their organisations for continuous innovation.

Evolving Landscape of New Possibilities and Challenges for Healthcare (full)

AI is transforming healthcare by enabling new possibilities and challenges in various domains, such as diagnosis, treatment and patient care. 12 key trends are identified ...

Ten timeless tests can help you kick the tyres on your strategy and kick up the level of strategic dialogue throughout your company.