Digital Transformation (DT): Does it Still Have any Meaning in 2024?


  • Digital transformation in 2024: The article discusses the current state and future prospects of digital transformation, which is about integrating digital technology into all areas of a business and changing its culture and operations
  • Key trends in digital transformation: It identifies five key trends that are shaping digital transformation in 2024: data-driven decision-making, enhanced customer experience, remote work, cybersecurity and generative AI
  • Hyper-innovation era: It introduces the concept of hyper-innovation, which is characterised by the interaction and convergence of various technologies, creating new opportunities and challenges for businesses
  • Technology as the core of business: It argues that in the hyper-innovation era, every company needs to think and operate like a tech company, prioritising continuous innovation, investing in cutting-edge technologies and building a business model that is inherently digital
  • Mindset, culture, skills, and leadership: It emphasises that digital transformation is not just about technology, but also about the mindset, culture, skills, and leadership within an organisation, which are essential for successful adaptation in the rapidly evolving digital landscape