The Last Stand of the Call-Centre Worker

I was only trying to order my contact lenses. A mundane task, undertaken nose-in-phone while walking somewhere, probably late, likely crossing a road, which is my preferred, death-adjacent method for all personal administration. Why look at buildings and trees, at passing humans and oncoming vehicles, when you could be getting stuff done on your phone?


  • AI in Customer Service: The article discusses the impact of AI on customer service jobs, highlighting the potential for AI to replace human agents.
  • Evolution of Service: It traces the history of customer service from face-to-face interactions to the rise of call centres and the introduction of AI technologies.
  • Human Touch: The piece emphasizes the value of human connection in customer service, exemplified by the personal touch provided by an experienced agent named Gary.
  • Future Trends: The article explores the future of customer service with AI, including the reduction of agent numbers and the ethical considerations of automating empathy.

The article provides a nuanced view of the technological advancements in customer service and their implications for both customers and service agents.


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