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Generative AI: To Create Real Value, Organizations Must Adapt

It’s the organizational question that has been top of mind for executives for nearly a year now: How do I change my operating model to ...

Five Big Shifts Shaping a New World for Corporate & Investment Banks (summary)

Challenges & opportunities for corporate & investment banks in a changing world are discussed, along with the implications for CIB strategy and value creation.

What Is Business Risk? (summary)

An organisation faces business risk when it is exposed to a situation that can lead to decreased profits or even bankruptcy - it is important ...

Team Harmony

Striking the Right Chord — A Guide for Leading People in the Modern Workplace. This book shows you accessible, easy-to-implement and effective ways to bring ...

We Shape AI, AI Shapes Us

How AI is changing the human-machine relationship and the role of CIOs in shaping this change.