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Microsoft’s Global AI Tour

Chart the course of the next technological era at one of our exclusive, one-day events. Fully harness the potential of AI by connecting with thought ...

10 AI Terms Everyone Should Know

We’re here to help break down some of the buzzwords so you can better understand AI terms and be part of the global conversation.

Australian Government to Deploy Microsoft AI across the Public Service

Australia will be one of the first countries in the world to deploy generative artificial intelligence across a national public service, with the Prime Minister ...

Amazon’s Billion Dollar Cloud Pact with Microsoft

It will reportedly power 1.55M employees with Microsoft 365 licenses

Microsoft Introduces New Data and AI Solutions to Help Healthcare

It enables such organisations to unlock insights and improve patient and clinician experiences.

Most data lives in the cloud. What if it lived under the sea?

Where is the text you’re reading, right now? In one sense, it lives “on the internet” or “in the cloud”, just like your favourite social ...

Microsoft to Help Australia Build ‘Cyber Shield’

Tech giant Microsoft will help Australia build a "cyber shield" to fend off global online threats under a plan to sink billions of dollars into ...

Windows 11 September 26 2023 update: What you need to know

Windows 11 September 2023 release date and update technology: The next major version of Windows ...

Why it Matters to Use a Polite Tone when Chatting with AI

No, technology can’t get offended. But basic etiquette still goes a long way, says this Copilot designer.

Microsoft’s Copilot AI Coming to Windows on September 26

Copilot lands on Windows 11 as part of an operating system update rolling out on September 26. It will arrive on Bing, Edge, and Microsoft ...